Jamie Muniz

Coach Jamie
Jamie is 39 years old, and has 20 years coaching experience. She is a rec coach, and she enjoys doing Crossfit, traveling, and shopping.

Meg Bloom

Meg is very excited to be teaching gymnastics for my first year. She has coached for EJRT Volleyball for the last three years. She is involved in other activities such as: Enid volleyball, track, pom, Connection Crew, Special Olympics, National Honor Society, and Platinum E Community Service Club

Ashley Pardo

Ashley P
Ashley has been with Nicole’s Gymnastics Academy since August of 2015. She attends Enid High School, where she is a cheerleader and runs track. Ashley is involved in Connection Crew, and she volunteers for Special Olympics. She enjoys watching the students develop in their skills.

Kylie Hammock

Kylie has coached for 4 months at NGA. She is a part of the Chisholm High School cheer squad and track team, along with Student Council. Kylie loves tumbling at Nicole’s along with coaching rec and pre-­competition classes.