This is always such an exciting time of year. It is also one of the busiest. We run around trying to get the kids to all of their activities. Tuesday is my craziest day. Gymnastics, dance, three softball practices, trio and solo practice. Throw in all the end of school year programs and awards assemblies and you feel like you don’t have a second to just stop and rest.

My favorite part of it all recital week. The girls have worked towards this all year. Hours of practice perfecting every move. They can’t wait to show all of our family how much they have improved since last year. All year long I hear ” Mom can you please stay and watch me today?” Sorry sweet heart but I’m off to drop your sister at her practice too.

The best part of recital day is we finally get to stop. No more running. No more preparing. I get to finally sit and watch all three of the girls. I’m amazed at everything new they can do. My youngest is doing her one handed cart wheel and my oldest finally connected her round off back handspring. I sit and breath and just enjoy this rare moment with them.