Young girl on balance beam

Seeing my little angel smile makes my heart skip a beat. All I want is to watch her accomplish everything she has worked so hard to achieve. I am still amazed everyday with how talented she is, but as soon as she steps on to that mat the world around me stops. I hold my breath as I watch her try to execute that tricky ariel she has been working so hard to perfect. She preps.

Step. Step. Hurdle. She sighs after her hands touch the floor. Just barely. She is close. All I can do is tell her how proud I am of her. Don’t be discouraged.

It is so much easier to get her to believe in herself with her coach Nicole around. Since the first front roll, Nicole has told her she can achieve the impossible with perseverance and dedication. Participating in these gymnastics classes has given my daughter so much self confidence and strength. I see it permeate into every other aspect of her life. From Tot Shots to the Developmental Team Program, she has learned more than I could ever imagine.

I know my daughter will continue to flourish in this favorable atmosphere. She receives so much motivation and inspiration here. I can see the light in her eyes shine brighter as her coach encourages her to try again. She takes a deep breath. I hold mine. My heart beats faster. Step. Step. Hurdle….

— Parent guest writer