10 years of gymnastics

Nicole’s Gymnastics Academy started as the dream of one woman, Mrs. Nicole Steuart. Nicole started the first incarnation of NGA in 2008 while living in Springfield, Colorado. This NGA even hosted classes for adults!! The first NGA Recital was held in the Springfield High School Gymnasium. In 2009 Nicole’s longtime mentor, Mary Alice Stalcup contacted her former student. She asked Nicole to take over the reigns from her, and become the NEW owner/operator of Stalcup Gymnastics. Nicole jumped at this opportunity, and so she, and her husband Adam moved back home to Enid, Oklahoma.
Nicole ran Stalcup Gymnastics all by her lonesome initially. She handled not only the coaching,but she also ran the front desk, and took care of all the financing, (as you can imagine, she was a VERY busy woman). Adam started to help alleviate some of the workload from his wife, as he took over the front office duties, and let Nicole focus on the gymnastics. Nicole’s parents, J.C. and Carol Vincent, were always around to help out in any way that they could. Whether it was Building Maintenance, or just being an open ear to rely on. The Vincents provided a lot of support for their daughter and for the gym as well. This combination led to bringing a dynamic and creative NEW gymnastics style to the Enid area.
In 2013, Stalcup Gymnastics was rebranded, and Nicole’s Gymnastics Academy returned, bigger and better than ever. (Did you know that The NGA logo was designed and created by Nicole’s older brother, Kyle Vincent?) The excitement levels were high, and prospective enrollment, was so great, that a new building was needed. NGA moved out of their building on 857 Commercial Circle and moved into their new BIGGER home located at 3214 Craftsman Drive. It was here that NGA took flight and began to blossom. In 2014, partnering with Nicole’s parents, NGA was able to upgrade their equipment. They purchased a Competition Balance Beam, Competition Uneven Bars, Competition Vault, and a Competition Spring Floor. It was through this effort, that NGA was able to start a Competitive Team program , which initially had 10 girls. These girls are now dubbed, “The Original 10.” In two short years, NGA outgrew “The Gray Hub,” and had to move out to a new BIGGER facility. NGA now resides at its present location, 415 N. 3rd St. Here we are, a decade later, and NGA is still dedicated to the principles that Nicole set forth during numerous years of Competing as well as Coaching in a multitude of gyms in a variety of locations.